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R & R Resources was founded in April 2003 to serve businesses in the Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail, and Service segments. Combining todays growing Technology tools with a practical approach to Operations Management. The company has relationships worldwide that can help save money for your business. That is our commitment to you. We are a hands on company that will tailor a solution that is pertinent to your business needs, goals, and objectives. 

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The U.S. and Global Market Place continue to grow rapidly. Timely delivery of products to the marketplace is of the utmost importance. Inventory levels and turns must be managed to maximize your investment. Communication and Information systems are critical. R & R Resources combines these talents to provide you the right solution for your business. We offer Practical Solutions to Todays Business Challenges.

   Our Team  

Raymond Foster Has over 25 years experience in Logistics, Operations, and Materials Management in both the Domestic and International environment. Raymond began his career as a Manufacturing Engineer and has held various positions in Purchasing/Procurement, Warehousing and Transportation, Production and Inventory Control, and Operations Management.  Raymond worked 12 years at Texas Instruments, and has also worked at Recognition Equipment/Banc Tec, Jostens, and was most recently the Director of Operations for the third largest toy manufacturer/distributor in the world. Raymond holds a B.A. from Texas Tech University. 

Rusty Hansen Has over 15 years experience in Engineering and Information Technology. Rusty holds a number of Microsoft, Cisco, and Lotus Certifications. Rusty began his career as a Technical Service Engineer, and moved on to Information Technology. Rusty began his career working for Mobil Oil, and has also worked for Unicomm, Asia Pacific Telecommunications, Software Spectrum, and was most recently President of RQH Consulting. Rusty holds a B.S. from the University of California Berkeley.   



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