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Log Explorer by Lumigent Technologies
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  Everyday problems fixed by log explorer
After the fact you wanted to find out who modified a record. Of course this would be a no brainer if SQL profiler had been running but what are the odds it was?

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You discover that one of your developers has performed a mass update without the ever important where clause. Of course you don't make this discovery for several hours during which time a large number of transactions have occurred in your database.
Mysteriously the transaction log has swelled to several times its normal size. You of course must determine the cause so that corrective measures can be taken.
For these and all those other problems right out of left field Log Explorer by Lumigent technologies comes to the rescue.
Viewing the transaction log
Viewing transactions in real-time
Viewing transactions in a log backup file
Analyze database statistics like how many inserts, updates and deletes occurred on the server.
Audit schema and security changes without the overhead of triggers.
Restore individual transactions or even entire dropped tables.

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